Looking for personalized tutoring for your child in an engaging learning environment? Viva Learn tutoring in Milton provides students with the extra help they need right now in Math & Literacy.

We’re here to help with your child’s learning, whether they need to catch up to grade level or enhance their knowledge and skills. We work with students in the following ways:

  • Understand key concepts
  • Strengthen essential math and literacy skills
  • Work together through homework problems and assignments
  • Prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests

Plus, we take our tutoring a few steps further by integrating learning tools that resonate with today’s youth.


What’s the saying – if you can’t beat them, join them? Viva Learn tutoring in Milton is designed with today’s youth in mind. We consider the skills learners need in the 21st century like problem solving, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and digital literacy. Plus, we engage youth in learning by using an approach that suits their style. Our centre offers:

  • Technology integration including free WiFi and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Access to tablets with the best in learning apps and other online resources
  • Student centered learning
  • Encouraging atmosphere

So, what does this mean in action? Essentially, Viva Learn blends traditional with new. For example, Student A is learning how to add fractions. First, we walk through the steps together using good old paper and pencil. Then, Student A will try a few problems on their own. Next, we take up the answers together. Once Student A gets a good handle on the lesson, we set him or her up on a learning app or online exercise to increase their understanding of the topic and practice what they just learned.

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tutoring in milton viva learn


  • Personalized Tutoring

    We understand each student’s learning style & needs

    • Low student-to-tutor ratio
    • Max. 3 students-per-tutor K to Gr. 8
    • Max. 2 students-per-tutor Gr.9+
  • Address Key Concerns

    We focus on problem areas first & then build

    • Homework help & test prep
    • Strengthen math & literacy skills

  • Engaging Approach

    We use a tutoring style that resonates with today’s youth

    • Access to the best in learning apps & online tools
    • Combine new & traditional strategies
  • Academic & Personal Success

    We help students do & feel better

    • Encouraging atmosphere
    • Quality tutors that care

“They work very closely with your child and they make sure that the child understands his/her work. ” – Cathy, Mom

“It’s a great place to get help with homework, everyone is very respectful and nice. You enjoy coming & learning new things.” – Nicole, Student


  • At the time of booking, parent/student selects tutoring schedule and reserves the spot for the full school year (Sept-June) or until end of current term
  • Each tutoring session is 1-hour in length
  • Two tutoring sessions per week highly recommended
  • Payment to be provided monthly (visa, master card, or personal cheque accepted)


  • Pre-K to Grade 8 Fee: $26/hour (contact us for our monthly specials)
  • Pre-K to Grade 8 French Fee: $26/hour for twice a week (Read more here)
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12 Fee: $33/hour