What We Do

Viva Learn is not a defined learning program. We provide additional, special, or remedial instruction to students based on individual need. We follow the Ontario curriculum and keep up with what your child is learning in school.

At our centre, we work with students to keep the learning personal, relevant and enjoyable. We consider life-long tools such as high self-esteem, an active and agile mind, and an understanding of how to study, learn, and think. Viva Learn puts all of these outcomes within your child’s reach – along with better grades.

Why Viva Learn Tutoring is So Effective

Viva Learn tutoring centre opened in Milton, Ontario in the Fall of 2013 with the idea to provide quality tutoring that is personal, relevant and engaging. When you choose Viva Learn for tutoring, you get the best in teaching and tools — from qualified tutors who lead interactive sessions with the right resources, to our personalized approach and ongoing feedback, which help your child stay engaged and achieve success quickly.

Because we are unique as a centre, in our emphasis on both the Ontario curriculum and what students are learning at school, teachers find Viva Learn’s collaboration very helpful. We create a safe and enriching learning environment, considering all parties connected with a student’s academics: parents, students, and teachers.


Viva Learn’s mission is to deliver educational services in ways that are relevant to youth today, so that they are engaged and inspired to learn and eager to reach new heights.


Viva Learn tutoring takes pride in its guiding principles. They form the foundation of what we do everyday!

  • Provide learning tools and strategies relevant to youth.
  • Encourage students to drive their learning.
  • Guide students in learning, not dictate.
  • Deliver superior customer experiences for both students and parents.
  • Create a culture and atmosphere that motivates students and staff to give it their best.

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