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MathBoard App Review

Mathboard App Review: Setting Up Math Drills can be Easy!

Providing your child, grandchild, younger sibling, niece or nephew with practice math problems routinely is a great way to strengthen and sharpen their math skills. There are many ways to do this such as writing math problems on a piece of paper, on a whiteboard or chalkboard. But imagine not having to think of the questions yourself, waste paper or spend time checking the answers.

MathBoard (available in iTunes and Google Play) is a highly customizable math app and especially useful for ages kindergarten to grade six. MathBoard allows users to configure the app with math questions of choice. You can customize test settings to include anything from simple addition and subtraction problems to more challenging multiplication and division questions. MathBoard also allows you to customize the number range. For example, if your child is still learning single digit math, you can customize the app to only include math questions with the numbers 0-9.

mathboard app review viva learn

MathBoard offers other cool features. For example, the app can be further customized to include multiple choice answers, fill in the blank or self entry. Also, there is space available for rough work but we still recommend to keep some paper and a pencil on hand as the space is limited.

mathboard app review viva learn

Real-time feedback is another neat feature from MathBoard. Users know in real-time if they’ve answered questions correctly or incorrectly (as seen in the left pane above). At the end of the quiz (as seen below) learners get a summary of their results including their score, completion time and the choice to ‘Play Again’ (adding in the ‘gaming’ factor that may just be the trick for your child).

mathboard app review viva learn

All in all, Viva Learn highly recommends this app for children who don’t mind the ‘test’ or ‘drill’ format for math practice.

endless abc

Reading App Review: We ♡ Endless ABC at Viva Learn

Endless ABC by Originator ( is a great app for letter recognition and sound reinforcement. Kids are meant to drag scrambled letters to their rightful match in the given word. Kids will hear the sound of the letter as it’s being dragged to its match in the word.

Learners get to enjoy a cute animation with monsters once all the letters are matched up properly. They will also hear a simplified definition of the word (i.e. sticky – ‘when something is sticky it has a gooey coat allowing two things to attach’).

The app is also a great tool for vocabulary building. For the word selection think words such as ‘Courage’ and ‘Demolish’ rather than ‘Dog’ or ‘Milk’.

viva learn tutoring centre milton

Officially Open and Ready to Learn!


We can’t tell you enough how excited we are to begin tutoring services here in Milton, Ontario. It all started from a little idea and now to see it come alive in physical form is unreal! Our goal here is to engage students in learning using the tools and techniques that they use each and everyday like tablets and the best in learning apps (how could we not?). We will evolve together…

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