Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Union Announces Work-to-Rule Action

EFTO Work-to-Rule Action Confirmed

ETFO president Sam Hammond. (Photo from: Toronto Sun files)

ETFO president Sam Hammond. (Photo from: Toronto Sun files)

The Changes Parents Will Care About Most

This afternoon, the Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (EFTO) confirmed work-to-rule action beginning Monday May 11, 2015. Clearly, parents are relieved that school doors will be open on Monday, but how does the work-to-rule action impact the rest of the school year?

The Highlights:

  • Teachers are not to undertake any EQAO related activities including EQAO preparation or facilitation. This does not necessarily mean EQAO testing is cancelled this school year. As of now, it only means teachers involvement is not permitted. If you are concerned about your child’s EQAO testing, it is best to reach out to your child’s school for further information.
  • Teachers are not to prepare report card comments or related administrative tasks, so expect lean report cards this June.
  • Teachers are not to conduct reading, writing or math assessments other than those that the teacher considers necessary to report on student progress.

It’s important to know that Ontario elementary teachers will still continue to teach and provide extra help to students, maintain contact with parents during the instructional day, and provide supervisory duties. It also seems that extra-curricular activities and school trips should take place as already planned – however, changes can occur as the work-to-rule action unfolds.



international business and technology

International Business and Technology

International Business and Technology is all the buzz in Halton and Peel!

If you are a parent or young student in Halton or Peel, chances are you’ve heard about the International Business and Technology (IBT) program offered in select elementary, middle and secondary schools. The International Business and Technology program offers students (some as early as the sixth grade) with a more challenging environment in all academic areas. Technology, business and a global perspective are cornerstones of the program.

Since the International Business and Technology (IBT) program began in 1994, it has become a recognized leader in:

  • business and entrepreneurial innovation
  • the use of technology to support learning
  • the development of positive student attitudes towards academics, personal management and teamwork
  • providing students with lifelong learning strategies that encourage success (source: Peel District School Board)

Viva Learn has been hearing a lot about the International Business and Technology program from students. In fact, it seems we’ve been attracting the IBT crowd! After some thought, we realized that our tutoring approach shares many of the key values of the IBT program. For example, Viva Learn emphasizes the importance of blending technology with education, encouraging students to take the driver’s seat of their learning, and offering a creative work environment that is suitable for 21st century learners.

The International Business and Technology program seems pretty neat from what we’ve heard first-hand. There is definitely more emphasis on 21st century learning and technology (think film studies with top notch equipment and robotics seminars on the weekend). As well, the program is a great option for students wanting to take on the extra challenge (e.g., year-round math for high school students) without bearing a huge cost if pursued at a public school.

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