End of Summer Activities to Get The Brain Churning Again!

By: Farheen Khan, Content Contributor

In the summer, we can do all the things we dreamt about doing all winter. For kids that means being able to play outside for longer; hiking, camping, boating, tag, man-hunt, jump-rope, biking, going to the park, basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis . . . the list goes on. Take this time to play with your children and spend some quality time with them; it is extremely important for their growth and development as empathetic and active individuals. But in the midst of all this family fun, we entreat you to not forget that academic goals can also be pursued in this free time. It won’t be easy, but we recommend designating about an hour in the morning for studying that which your child struggled with during the school year. Sit down with him/her and discuss the pros and cons of the last school year and glean what his or her strengths and interests are as well as insecurities and deficiencies. Whether it be reading, writing, math or science take some time out to address the issues and plan for them.

Additionally, try to encourage academic pursuits in fun ways. One idea is to make a bird feeder by coating a pinecone in peanut butter and then covering it with seeds to make a rudimentary bird feeder. Then, ask your children to observe the different kinds of birds that come and perhaps documenting them by drawing them and then using print and online resources to find out more about them. Or what about encouraging them to make a picture book for the home book collection? And if you travel somewhere then take a notebook and pencil along and show them how to write a travelogue. These are just a few ideas and you can even design a few yourself that are tailored to your child’s interests and way of learning.

In short, enjoy the rest of summer while it lasts and take advantage of all that this time offers.

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