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Setting Goals for the Coming School Year

By: Farheen Khan – Viva Learn Content Contributor

So, I woke up the other day, at 9:00 am, and thought to myself, Wow. It’s not 6:00 amAnd if truth be told, that has been my frequent, first-thought-in-the-morning since summer break started. One might muse that it is an insipid sort of occurrence and those such ones I would label as highly unsympathetic. Summertime is freedom-time and it is incumbent upon thoughts of all sorts to run wild. Moreover, summer is when one can use the respective lifestyle to mock the lifestyle of the school year.

To all those revelers, their minds heady with the summer scents and sunshine, I apologize; enjoy what is left of your vacation! August will come to a close before you realize. Therefore, I urge you to start thinking about preparing for the coming school year and endeavor to make it more successful than the last. Whilst frolicking among flowers try to target the areas in which you struggled last year, whether they be subjects or learning skills. Whilst mooning about the park try to remember where you threw all of your binders and notes, and what you have to discard for good and what you might like to keep. And then, sometime in the near future, brave the dust, and actually plunge into organizing the afore-mentioned notes and making a list of things you might have to buy, borrow or steal.

It is prudent to set the tone for the coming school year before it is actually upon you so that you will be more inclined and prepared to pursue your goals. And it is important to be set goals. As I mentioned already, try to think of areas in which you were deficient and ways in which you can improve your performance. Your goals do not necessarily have to be academically oriented; they can concern your behaviour towards others, the way in which you think about school, a club that you might want to start, etc. Whatever else they may be, your goals should be realistic ones so that you will be more inclined to pursue and accomplish them. And remember, as soon as you complete one goal you must set a new one immediately; your journey at school is as much about self-development as it is about academics: you are capable of as many things in the realm of infinity as you yourself set out to reach.

In short, good luck for the coming school year! Brace yourselves if you must but, truth be told, I think that everything is going to go just swimmingly.

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